WS-2000 Carl Fischer moisture meter

WS-2000 trace moisture meter by using Karl fischer coulomb method (electricity) design, the detection circuit adopts digital processing technology, to overcome the traditional measuring instrument of temperature drift, improved the accuracy and sensitivity of the test. The whole machine adopts unique non-relay process design, which avoids the hidden trouble caused by the contact oxidation of the memory relay and extends the service life of the instrument. With a printer interface, the user can select and match the microprinter to retain the data. It has been widely used in power, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and other departments. It is one of the most cost-effective products of our company.



※Adopts 320*240 dot matrix LCD with backlit;
※High-precision measuring electrode signal and detection circuit can determine the electrolysis end quickly and accurately, and with strong anti-interference ability;
※The use of blank current compensation and equilibrium point drift compensation to correct the measurement results;
※System fault self-diagnosis function;
※Automatically store historical records, up to 200 groups;
※ A variety of water content calculation formula;
※ Built-in printer, automatic printing function.



Adopts 320*240 dot matrix LCD with backlit
Method: KF standard methods
Measurement voltage: 
        Duble platinum electrode, constant current polarization detection.
Electrolytic current: automatic pulse current 400mA
Blank current: 
        Real-time detection of reagent moisture absorption and display, automatic deduction of blank current.
Results display:
        A variety of formula choices, Automatically displays the percentage of water
Instrument failure self-diagnosis
Reagent life:
        Automatic tracking of reagent consumption, automatic reminder after failure
System calibration:
        Built-in calibration procedure can be calibrated by calibration, or software fine-tuning system gain coefficient, correct to accurate value
Agitation speed : stepless speed regulation
Measurement speed: the user can set free the electrolytic speed according to the analysis requirement
Measuring range : 1μg-200mg 1ppm-100%
Operating conditions:
        2μg-500μg        ±2μg
        ≥500μg            0.2%(No sampling error is included)
records: 200 groups
Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50HZ±5%


The types of substances can be detected by a trace moisture meter in the ws-2000
※ gasoline, water pressure oil, insulation oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, oil - resistant.
※ pentane hexane, dimethyl butane, octane, dodecane, 20 carbon alkanes, octacosane, ring dodecane, decyl cyclohexane, butadiene, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl toluene, 2 methyl styrene, tetradecene, petroleum ether, cyclohexylamine, methyl cyclohexylamine, cycloheptane, ethylene cyclohexylamine, dicyclopentadiene, dimethyl naphthalene, three methyl styrene, biphenyl, two hydrogen acenaphthene, fluorene, methylene, cymene, etc.
※ Phenol, cresol, fluorophenol, chlorphenol, dichlorophenol, nitrophenol, etc
※ Diethyl ether, diethylene glycol diethyl ether, diethylene glycol diethyl ether, polyethylene diethyl ether, phenyl ether, fluorophenyl ether, iodiphenyl ether, didecyl ether and diheptyl ether
※ All alcohols, all halogenated hydrocarbons, all lipids